Join Us to Stop Karma Colonialism!

by Sasha Alyson

Two years ago, having seen a great deal of ineffective and self-serving aid, I began posting stories about the subject on on this site, and promoting them on Twitter.

By coincidence, that was just as the Covid-19 pandemic began its rapid spread across the globe. I had been working with Lao colleagues to create schools where children learned not only reading and math, but also developed broader life skills such as critical thinking, cooperation, and perseverance, and enjoyed activities ranging from dance to debate. The schools closed, and for two years, I suddenly had a great deal of time to develop the website and Twitter account.

Schools have reopened. Most of my extra time has been swallowed up. But @TrojanAid has built up a substantial Twitter following of people interested in how modern-day colonialism perpetuates itself. I’d like to continue sending out more tweets than I can personally produce.

Want to help? I’m looking for a few people who read about this subject or work in the field, who would like to contribute anywhere from three to ten tweets a week.

This is a non-commercial site, it brings in no income, so I cannot offer any payment, merely an opportunity to help fight modern colonialism. But do let me know what other ways we can return your support, such as crediting you by name and/or Twitter handle, offering links on occasion to your site and stories, etc.

Tweets would most likely fall into one of four categories, though I’m open to others:

Story links: A link to a relevant online story, with a brief summary or quotation from it. (Quotations are easier to produce; a catchy summary is hard to write, but often more effective.)

Observations: A concise comment, highlighting an aspect of karma colonialism, self-serving aid, or related topics.

Quotations: A quotation from someone else. It must be well-sourced. A lot of invented quotes are floating around online, please confirm before sending, and include the source when you send it.

Facts: Facts, including maps, charts, etc., that are relevant. I have run many facts about colonialism of the past, and will continue to do so, but the main focus should be events in the modern era. We all know about traditional colonialism; the goal is to show that it continues under another guise.

Artwork is welcome but not necessary, I can usually find that on my own when appropriate. If you do suggest artwork, it should be public domain, or include permissions information.

Interested? Please come up with a few samples which may be used, and email them to: karmacolonialism you-know-what-symbol

Thank you! I look forward to working together.

Sasha Alyson

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